Purchase FAQs

Following is the compilation of most frequently asked questions about purchases. If you have any other query or if you're unsatisfied by any of our answers, you can write to us at help@expensesmanager.in.

Q1 What are the purchases offered by Expenses Manager?
All the purchases offered by our app are listed on the Buy Premium page in the app.
Q2 What are the benefits of Expenses Manager Premium?

Following is a table comparing the free tier of Expenses Manager with the Premium.

Features Free tier Premium
Unlimited categories 20 categories
Unlimited transaction with photos 5 transactions
Generate PDF reports
Automatic daily backups
Deeper insights with trends graph
Tags to track spending on specific items
Budget alerts to help you stay on track
Unlock app using your fingerprint
Unlimited Google Drive backups 2 backups
Q3 Does the Premium plan renew automatically once it ends?

As of now, any purchase offered by Expenses Manager is not a subscription, which means any purchases won't renew itself, and you won't be charged automatically.

Q4 Will I lose my purchases if I uninstall the app and then reinstall it, or if I change my device?

You won't lose your purchases in any case. Your purchases are linked to your account, which you were signed in with, while making the purchase. On a new device, or when you reinstall the app, you just need to sign in with the same account to get back all the purchases.

Q5 I have made the purchase but my purchase's status is 'PENDING'.

Some cards or payment modes may take a little longer to complete the transaction. Please be patient and wait for a few minutes for the transaction to complete.

Q6 I have made the purchase, and the money has been deducted from my account but the app hasn't acknowledged it yet.

In such a rare incidence, the problem exists with Google Play. Your purchase will either be accepted by Google Play or a refund would be initiated within three days.

Q7 I have purchased Premium while I was still having Premium trial. What will happen to my Premium trial?

Suppose, you purchased 30 days Premium when you were having 9 days of Premium trial left. Once you purchase Premium, the app will only show you the number of days left in your Premium plan. But you will get back your 9 days of Premium trial once your Premium ends after 30 days.

Expenses Manager

Expenses Manager is a user-friendly, finance management app which allows you to keep track of your transactions seamlessly and intuitively. You can categorize your spending, create budgets, get detailed analysis of your spending habits and stay on top of your money.